DNA Prod

Production Management Solution

DNAProd streamlines production process management and reduces production costs for industrial SMEs, with a particular focus on these areas:
Textile and Footwear



Adaptable to various production types: for stock or on-demand production

ERP Integrated

A quickly deployable solution. Integrated with Cegid Primavera, SAP, and TOC Online ERPs.


Control of shop floor operations using portable terminals and EAN128/QR code barcodes.


  • Production needs calculation: efficiently calculate production needs using various system parameters such as orders, stocks, and purchases.
  • Raw Material Stock Verification and Purchase Needs: monitor raw material stocks and generate associated purchase requirements.
  • Manufacturing Orders Creation: create manufacturing orders based on technical specifications with customizable attributes.
  • Tracking and Control: record material consumption, operation times, and finished product entries.
  • Quality Management: ensure high-quality standards throughout production with quality inspection records and product characteristic definitions.
  • Subcontracting Management: seamlessly manage subcontracting for one or multiple operations to external suppliers.


Explore our collection of DNAProd demonstration videos showcasing its versatility in production management.

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